New and Improved from Macalite: a PTO Driven Hydraulic Mixer and Pump for Pool Plastering!

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David Jr. on the truck


Video on Macalite and the truck

  • Both pump and mixer run off truck's PTO

  • Equipment weighs less so you can haul more material

  • All mixer and pump controls clustered at mixer for fingertip operation

  • Optional wireless remote

  • Pump and mixer both have REVERSE

  • Large 16 cubic foot mixer mixes batches faster and better

  • New double roller tub bearings for much longer life

  • Wear parts easy to get to and visually inspect

  • Large oiler tank with sight tube

  • Large catwalk for mixer man (one fixed catwalk and one long foldable catwalk)

  • Foolproof PTO system (will only engage if parking brake is on and transmission is in neutral; will disengage if the engine RPM exceeds 1400)

  • Hydraulic system very compact and efficient

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